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Working to Remove Invasive Plant Species

The Grotto

Invasive Plants at the Grotto
The Grotto has partnered with the City of Portland and the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) Watershed Revegetation Program to remove invasive plant species from The Grotto.  This partnership began in 2008 and will continue for approximately ten years. The invasive plant species targeted for removal in this project is ivy, clematis, holly, laurel, and Himalayan blackberry.

The BES crews along with volunteers from The Grotto have begun the removal process by focusing on the less used areas of The Grotto. Once removed, the plant material will be allowed to decompose naturally, thus serving as mulch.  After those areas are finished, they will focus on the more public areas of The Grotto such as the plaza.

After all of the invasive plants are removed, The Grotto will begin the revegetation process by planting a diverse selection of native plants.  Replanting will help improve the overall health of the Rocky Butte watershed which The Grotto belongs to.

The Bureau of Environmental Services has over 120 partners around the City and is working on over 300 parcels of land to remove invasive plant species. The Grotto is looking for volunteers to help remove invasive plants or for those interested in donating to the revegetation process.  If you are interested please contact The Grotto at 503-254-7371.

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